Brick house or wooden house?

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Before the construction of the house the next owner, first of all, thinks what he build a house: brick or wood? The tree a little weight. It varies from 600 to 900 kg per cubic meter. In a brick weight is much larger – from 1500 to 2500 kg per cubic meter. Therefore, the tree can be used in a light foundation. Brick foundation is required for at least the depth of soil freezing. This figure for the Moscow region from 1.4 to 1.6 m Therefore, the cost base for wood is lower than for the brick. The tree – an environmentally friendly material. He has a background radiation is low. Wood is such a material, whose inner surface can be left with little or no decoration. Brick is not finishing the inner surface of the left nevozmozhno. Derevo has low thermal conductivity. This allows you to make the wooden walls are not very thick, 15 to 28 cm brick has high thermal conductivity, so the walls must be thick from 51 sm.S tree can be operated both in summer and in winter. In winter, the brick should work more carefully. More fire-prone tree, compared with a brick, but after the fire resistance of masonry may be reduced by 60-70%. Wood exposed to all weather conditions. The same tree is resistant to biological factors, such as rot, blue. Brick is more resistant to any weather or biological faktoram. Derevo could dry up, which may require additional design solutions. Also, the tree may have cracks. A brick is more durable than wood. But the brick walls of the capillary moisture can absorb, especially if the pavers were not heated during the cold goda. Itak what is possible on the basis of this sign? First. In order to maintain a normal brick building heat and humidity conditions required to periodically protaplivanie. After the winter, if a house was not heated, the arrival of spring, it will have to heat their very long, so it’s all warmed up and around the house was comfortable and dry. For a wooden house protaplivaniya time to achieve the optimum mode is several chasov.Vtoroe. The cost of building a house from a tree will be up to six times cheaper than brick. Since a large brick house needs a foundation, thick walls, the binding of their finish. A house built of timber, even without the aid of fasteners, bars just fit into the grooves of one-drugu. Trete for Health wooden house is more useful than a brick. Wood has pores. The house is made of wood air through these pores is faster than kirpichnom. Pri choice of material for the construction should take into account many factors discussed above. But the main thing – you have to decide why you want a country house, and how you want it ispolzovat.I now, after you have decided why you want a vacation home, you can do the basic conclusion. If a vacation home – this is not a permanent home, the wooden house – what you need. It will be cheaper, would be closer to nature. If a country house – a permanent home, choose or brick or wood that you like.

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